Day 294: Herman and Lucy outside

Herman found that he much preferred Lucy’s company when they were in the park. Whenever Herman wandered in the house, Lucy had a tendency to hover. She’d follow him around and watch everything he did. The guardian found Lucy's attentiveness useful since Lucy was always able to show her exactly where Herman was hiding. But, Herman felt it was not the sort of behaviour that great friendships were forged from. However, in the park Lucy left Herman to his own devices. She had far too many smells to smell to bother Herman, which pleased him a great deal. 


Day 292: Herman snuggles up

After only three days, Herman found that he didn’t nap very well unless he was snuggled up to Little Pig.


Day 290: Herman has admirers

Herman’s outdoor stomping grounds, the park, included a small playground that often had small children playing on it. Despite his best attempts to keep himself camouflaged, Herman would inevitably draw their attention. He did not particularly like his grazing time disturbed by being picked up, but the guardian felt that he was much safer in her hands than being on the ground where he could be touched or possibly stepped on. Lucy, the dog, was often ignored in favour of the more exotic Herman, and she found this incredibly frustrating. Unlike Herman, Lucy found the prospect of being touched or possibly stepped on to be pretty fun when the people involved had faces that she could reach with her tongue.


Day 289: Herman and Little Pig

The guardian had been away for almost a month, leaving Herman in the attentive care of his feline friends, Michael and Maple, and their humans. When she returned from Australia, it became immediately clear to her that Herman’s rump was now too wide to fit into his tree stump. The tree log she bought was much roomier, and she gave him a little, purple pig to make it cozier for him. Previous attempts to introduce a snuggle buddy had not been that successful, but Herman quite liked Little Pig. He felt that Little Pig, who was just a little bit smaller than him, was exactly the right size.

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Day 233: Herman gives a demonstration

After almost a week of getting used to the shark costume, Herman found that he could get out of it pretty quickly and move on to more important things, like finding clover.


Day 233: Herman gets tangled

The balcony garden had a number of advantages, the most important being that it allowed Herman to dig in and nap in the sun. However, recently the pansies had been getting unruly and Herman found himself getting tangled in their stems as he looked around for the perfect spot to burrow and bask. Yet another reason not to like pansies, he thought.


Day 232: Herman finds an awkward spot

With his feet on the pond ramp and his head resting on a river rock, the guardian could not imagine a more awkward way to take a nap. However, he stayed that way for several hours and didn’t budge when she inadvertently woke him up, so she decided not to question it.


Day 231: Herman creates a decoy

To the guardian’s dismay, it did not take long for Herman to figure out how to wiggle out of the shark costume, creating a decoy that gave her a false sense of security. Fortunately, Herman found a nice clover patch close by and didn’t get a chance to wander off before she realized her error.


Day 230: Herman is tired

Being measured was not one of Herman’s favourite things to do, although it wasn’t one of his least favourite either. But it usually required some quick action on the part of the guardian. However, despite having a bath and being allowed to wander around the kitchen, Herman was not quite awake when the guardian went to measure him. So, when she gently pushed his head into the wall, he left it there. It was quite possibly one of the cutest things she had seen him do.



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